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April 16, 2012 – 2:22 pm | Views: 505

Says singer is a perfectionist

Will.I.Am has compared his close friend Cheyl Cole to

late singer Michael Jackson.

The producer, who is helping to launch the Girls Aloud singer’s career in

the US , has been impressed by her attitude and has high hopes for her third solo record.

‘I can’t give too much

away but Cheryl’s album is going to be big,’ he told the Daily Star Sunday.

‘Like Michael Jackson she is a

complete perfectionist. Unless she is 100 per cent happy with something she just won’t put it out there.’


producer Alex Da Kid recently joined Cheryl in the studio for the recording sessions, and hinted that Calvin Harris and Lana

Del Rey will appear on the album.

Will.i.am added: ‘She has got some of the biggest artists and producers in the

industry to work with her, not just because she is talented but because everybody who meets her loves


Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole is set to make her anticipated comeback next month and from the sneak peak of her new video – she’s looking

better than ever!

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Will.I.Am Compares Cheryl Cole To Michael Jackson

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