Italy declares state of emergency in Venice after flood

Italy on Thursday declared a state of emergency for Venice after an exceptional tide surged through churches, shops and homes, 

Russia’s Putin says a war between the U.S. and Iran would be a catastrophe

An Iran-U.S. war would lead to an increase of violence, and potential increase in refugees from the region, Putin said, 

Next week’s European elections in the U.K. could be a $100M farce thanks to Brexit

It’s an election the U.K. doesn’t want and might not even need.Britons go to the polls next week in one 

Trump right and wrong on French wine tariffs

U.S. President Donald Trump is partly right but far from completely correct when he says that France’s big tariffs make 

Britain’s Prince William visits Israel Holocaust memorial

Prince William honoured Holocaust victims and met Israeli leaders Tuesday as he began the first official visit by a British 

Brexit bill becomes law, allowing UK to leave the EU

A bill enacting Britain’s decision to leave the European Union has become law after months of debate, the House of 

Nicolas Sarkozy in police custody over campaign funding

Ex-French president faces claims his 2007 election bid benefited from illicit Libyan funds. The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has 

Putin’s power: From mean streets to Kremlin

As a kid in a dismal Soviet communal apartment, Vladimir Putin was a scrapper who dreamed of being an operator 

Demon hunter claims lack of priests’ exorcism training means church has abandoned its flock

Prominent exorcists Father Pat Collins says he is appalled by the lack of training in demon hunting for today’s priests 

Sadiq Khan: A new broom for South Asian politics in London?

Sadiq Khan, now Mayor of London, moved fast to condemn Ken Livingstone at the end of last month for his 
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