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Jobs: Becoming a Bodyguard

The bodyguard industry is a very large industry and an attractive one for job seekers. Because the bodyguard industry is large, there is less competition and a variety of jobs available.

Even though the bodyguard industry has less competition than other industries, you will still need to meet certain job standards before you can work as a bodyguard. Typically, you will be required to take a bodyguard course before working as a bodyguard.

Bodyguard Training

Most bodyguard training courses are designed to provide basic first aid training, self-defense and sometimes weapons training. Not all bodyguard jobs require carrying a weapon, but some do.

Estimated Skills

People with military or martial arts training are usually highly valued in the bodyguard industry, as certain bodyguard positions often require that skill. While you probably won’t ever have to physically wrestle someone, it could happen. That’s why knowledge of self-defense techniques is important.

Common Bodyguard Jobs

There are many situations in daily life where a bodyguard is needed. For example, many movie and music stars often hire bodyguards to protect them from kidnappings and attacks by crazy fans.

There are also less glamorous bodyguard jobs, such as guarding banks, shopping centres and private estates at night. For these bodyguard jobs, you will often be responsible for protecting yourself, which means you will need self-defence skills.


As a bodyguard, you also have the responsibility to protect others. This is why you will often need a first aid certificate. In the event of a shooting or other injury, you will need to know how to help the injured person until paramedics arrive.


As you can see, working as a bodyguard is more than just standing around in a uniform. It requires a certain level of skill, confidence and professionalism. However, as a bodyguard, you must be in good health.

For a bodyguard, fitness plays an important role when you need to chase someone or arrest a dangerous person. If you are fit, you are stronger than your opponent and therefore able to catch him.


Although bodyguards do not have the same legal powers as the police, they play an important role as a partner supporting the police. In many cases, the bodyguard is the first to arrive on the scene and contact the police.

Bodyguards play an important role in society, working to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable in their homes. The bodyguard’s silent role is essential to prevent kidnappings, bank robberies, public brawls, and many other types of incidents.

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Jobs: Becoming a Bodyguard

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