“Magic Johnson” adds “life insurance” co. to empire

Retired basketball superstar “Earvin Magic Johnson” just added a $14.5 billion life insurance company to his growing business and sports 

Five Life Insurance Mistakes That Can Haunt You

With Halloween just around the corner, children’s thoughts turn to candy and costumes. Their parents and grandparents should be focusing 

Business: Cheap Insurance for International Travel

Traveling to another place or country is no joke. It involves a lot of things and it can really get 

Business: Do you need travel insurance in your great UK vacation?

Whenever you’re offered travel insurance, you probably can imagine yourself with broken legs due to a vehicular accident, eating a 

Why Is My Broker So Eager to Sell Me Whole Life Insurance?

A friend of mine recently complained about an old college roommate who was trying to pressure him into buying a 

Healthcare 2.0 – Obamacare Reboots The Health Insurance Market

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) will make health insurance more affordable to millions of uninsured 

92-Year-Old’s Funeral Insurance Cancelled by Credit Union

Helen Moosmann, 92, had hoped to use her life insurance policy to pay for her funeral. But last Friday she 
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