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What are coaches looking for at a baseball tryout?

Learn what coaches are really looking for at baseball tryouts, and give yourself the best shot at making the team with these insider tips from top coaches.

Baseball tryouts can be nerve-wracking for any young athlete hoping to make the team. But have you ever wondered what the coaches are looking for? It’s more than just hitting home runs or throwing fastballs.

Let’s look at what coaches are looking for at a baseball tryout and how you can bring your A-game to impress them.

Baseball IQ

A player’s knowledge of the game is as important as their physical abilities. Coaches are looking for players who can read the situation on the field, make smart decisions, and react quickly. During tryouts, pay attention to where the ball is, the other players are, and the game situation. Coaches will be impressed if you can anticipate plays and think ahead.


Of course, coaches need players who can keep up physically. This athleticism includes speed, strength, and coordination. However, making the team doesn’t always mean being the fastest runner or having the strongest arm. Coaches are also looking for agile players who can move well in any direction. During tryouts, ensure you showcase your athletic abilities in a well-rounded way.


Coaches want players who show dedication and coachability. During tryouts, show up with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. Listen to feedback from coaches and apply it to your performance. Be a team player and support your teammates on and off the field.


It’s not just about having one great day at tryouts. Coaches are looking for players who can consistently perform at a high level. Make sure you practice regularly leading up to tryouts so that you can showcase your skills consistently. Don’t give up if you have a bad day. Coaches appreciate players who can bounce back from a setback and keep working hard.


Finally, coaches are looking for players with potential growth and improvement potential. They’re thinking beyond the current season and want players who can develop into strong athletes over time. During tryouts, ensure you’re showcasing your potential by trying new things, taking risks, and showing that you’re open to feedback and coaching. Baseball tryouts can be nerve-wracking, but with these tips, you can give yourself the best chance of standing out to baseball coaches. Remember that it’s not just about physical performance—coaches are looking for smart, dedicated players with potential for growth. Before looking for the right bat to up your game, ensure you’re ready to impress coaches with your attitude and overall baseball IQ. Keep practicing, and never give up on your dreams of making the team!

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What are coaches looking for at a baseball tryout?

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