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A list of essentials for a portable restroom rental

Toilet paper isn’t all you’ll need for your portable restroom rental. Here is an excellent list of essentials and extras worth having for guest comfort.

A list of essentials for a portable restroom rental
A list of essentials for a portable restroom rental

After you set up your event and the rentals are in position, it’s time to go the extra mile for each of your guests and support their needs. The restroom rental company will supply the basics, but you can provide a few other essentials for optimal comfort. Here, we explore a list of the essentials worth having in your portable restroom rental.

Extra Toilet Paper

Supplying a portable restroom with more than enough toilet paper is a high priority. The rental company may equip the restroom units with their best guess on what will support the event’s attendance rates, but it doesn’t hurt to take matters into your own hands and stock up.

Nothing is worse than someone using the restroom only to find out there is no toilet paper, which often gives people a bad taste of their event experience. Have a stock of extra toilet paper you can rely on for your and your guest’s peace of mind.

Air Fresheners

A supply of air fresheners is also important because this helps combat discomfort after guests use the facilities. People can complete their business as necessary, but not everyone can tolerate the associated smells. An air freshener may not be a cure-all solution, but it will minimize the odors for each guest and show that you care about their comfort in the restroom.

You don’t need an ample supply of air fresheners. Consider wall-attached automatic systems or leave a small aerosol on the counter for guests to use at will.

Handwashing Supplies

A reputable and trustworthy portable restroom service will supply the units with handwashing supplies, as this plays a role in proper public sanitation. But as a renter, you can also support these efforts with your own supply and place additional hand soaps or towels by the sink. This way, if the soap runs out, you have backups.

If you are hosting a more intimate event, you can offer your guests a scent of your choice. You can also consider adding hand sanitizer so guests can use both or choose. This offering can encourage handwashing for all users and reduce the spread of germs, whether they use the toilet or not.

Feminine Care Products

The addition of feminine care products doesn’t cross everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, they are expensive to buy in bulk, but you wouldn’t need a large supply for portable restrooms. Most women who know they need them will carry them in a bag of some kind, but some will forget or experience a surprise.

Having a small basket of care products handy for users who need them will alleviate the stress associated with needing them and deter guests from having to leave the event. Offering feminine care products is a nice touch and shows you thought about all the details for each guest’s comfort. Placing this list of essentials at the top of your priority ladder can improve guest comfort and satisfaction with your portable restroom rentals. It’s the little things that truly make a big difference.

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A list of essentials for a portable restroom rental

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