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The importance of using a real estate attorney

When you buy a home you are likely engaging in the biggest financial purchase of your life. It is important to have proper protection on your purchase through the usage of a qualified real estate attorney to aide you in the home purchase contract that you are entering. Choosing a real estate attorney is difficult and selecting one that is qualified is often a challenge. This article will provide some factors to consider when selecting a real estate attorney and why it is important to select a qualified real estate attorney.

Real Estate attorney
Real Estate attorney

Why You Should Use a Real Estate Attorney

There are templates available for real estate transactions that can be easily and cheaply downloaded over the internet. Using these templates is not necessarily a good idea as there are often state and local laws that can supersede the information in your contract and can limit your legal rights in these situations. Having a qualified real estate attorney can provide you with the protection needed to protect your home purchase. One of the major reasons why you should use a qualified real estate attorney is simply because the home seller will be using one and can insert or remove language that you may not otherwise notice in the contract. This happened to me in my first home purchase. The seller removed standard language regarding the transfer of window blinds from the contract. Then when the closing date approached they tried to sell me their window blinds for additional compensation. Language such as this can be discreetly omitted from a contract and without the eye of a trained real estate lawyer you may not notice it. When you are making a purchase of this size and scope you should obtain the protection that a real estate attorney provides.

Selecting a Real Estate Attorney

There are many lawyers who are willing to assist you in drafting a home purchase contract. However, finding a qualified real estate attorney is more of a challenge. Selecting a local attorney who specializes in real estate is important instead of a general lawyer who performs a variety of different services. To find a lawyer who specializes in real estate search for lawyers who provide these services in your local community and visit their website to see how they are advertising themselves. If they are specializing in real estate and have a significant amount of experience in providing these services you may consider contracting with them as a real estate attorney. Perform a search online to see if there are any reviews of their services and to see if there are any recent and significant actions against them. Meet with the attorney and see how you interact with them to see if you want to enter into a contract with them. Further, contact them and see what amount they are charging for their services and how it compares with other real estate attorneys. As an alternative, you can also contact any friends, family members, or co-workers who recently purchased a house to see if they have any recommendations for real estate attorneys as well.


Having a qualified real estate attorney is essential when trying to purchase a home. Locate an attorney who specializes in real estate transactions and review their reputation and experience when selecting one.

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The importance of using a real estate attorney

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