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Samsung is very close to launching its first Smart Ring

Over the past year, there have been several rumors that Samsung is developing a smart ring that can track user activity, health data and sleep.

Samsung Smart Ring
Samsung is very close to launching its first Smart Ring

The company appears to be on the verge of launching its first smart ring and has trademarked several names that can be used on the smart ring.

It turned out that Samsung recently trademarked the term Curio. GalaxyClub reported today that South Korean company has trademarked several names that may be associated with its smart ring. These names include Galaxy Feel and Galaxy Glia. These names have now joined the roster of several other brands, including Circle. Galaxy Ring, Galaxy One, Index, Insight, Pulse, Rhythm. They could all be related to Samsung’s smart ring product or its features.

Samsung has filed trademarks for these terms in Australia, Norway, South Korea and the United Kingdom. From these branded descriptions, it’s clear that the features are related to apps connected to the Samsung Smart Ring. Specifically, the company mentions in its trademark document: A downloadable smart ring software application that tracks, collects, monitors, recognizes, recognizes, stores, transmits, manages and evaluates biometric and physiological data, vital signs and personal health data, and provides medical advice.

The most logical name for Samsung’s first smart ring is Galaxy Ring, although of course the company has registered a trademark for the term. In total, Samsung has registered trademarks for 10 such terms, and the South Korean company is expected to launch the smart ring in the first half of 2024.

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Samsung is very close to launching its first Smart Ring

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