6 Simple Breathing Exercises to Deal with Stress

Breathing is something we all do throughout our lives. We all know that if we don’t breathe, we will die. Breathing is the body’s reflex action to ensure the flow of oxygen to vital organs throughout the body.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, explains that humans breathe 12 to 20 times per minute, and that children breathe faster than adults.

Babies can breathe up to 40 times a minute. A typical adult breathes about 500-700ml of air at a time. The average 14-year-old breathes about 30,000 times a day.

But we can control our breathing. Breathing in and out deeply can help us feel more relaxed. The more you allow your body to be filled with deep breathing, the less stress your body and mind will be under.

The more you practice deep, controlled breathing, the more natural it will become, and you can use it at any time of the day to get through any moment you feel tired or stressed.

Whether you are stressed at work, can’t sleep at the end of a long, hard day, or just want a few minutes to yourself, this simple breathing technique can be of great help to all of our problems.

Here are the steps to perform this breathing technique:

1. You can lie down, sit, or stand as long as is comfortable. Breathe in slowly through your nose to a count of four. Breathe deeply until you feel your whole body expand.

2. Hold this deep breath for four seconds, then breathe out slowly through your mouth to a count of eight.

3. Inhale all the way to the end, making sure your stomach expands. Hold the breath and exhale nine more times.

4. Once you feel comfortable with the above steps, try placing one hand on your stomach and the other lightly on your chest to help you breathe deeper. Inhale all the way down, making sure your stomach expands.

5. If you can’t continue, take a little more breath and fill the top of your lungs. Inhale and exhale should be of equal length, eight seconds each, with no stopping in between.

6. As you exhale, expel the stale air from your chest and then your stomach. This will help you relax.

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6 Simple Breathing Exercises to Deal with Stress

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