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Seven Points to Remember about Cosmetic Dentistry

dental care
dental care

Man’s dental beauty acts as a catalyst in enhancing his self-confidence to a great extent. Thus one with an imperfect set of teeth would not know how to cope up with the humiliation he has to face every day. Cosmetic dentistry is that one treatment in which he can take refuge, since this treatment is well equipped in helping the individual, regain the beauty of his teeth. However, just as it is true for any other treatment, one must also learn a few facts about cosmetic dentistry before he finally avails it. Listed below are seven facts that one must know about cosmetic dentistry. These facts will be helpful before you start undergoing the treatment.

  1. Variety of dental services

Whatever be your needs and budget, cosmetic dentistry offers tailor made services. There are many major procedure groups, into which these dental practices are divided. Your darkened or discolored teeth will be whitened by the whitening process and altered appearances of your teeth will be treated by dental veneers. The gaps between your teeth, the slight damages or the small chips can be addressed with the help of bonding, i.e. applying a layer on the tooth.

  1. Crowns and Bridges

After a procedure to restore teeth, such as root canal, has been carried out, crowns, which are synthetic caps would be used to re-establish the tooth. Crowns are often used in circumstances when a large portion of the decayed tooth has been removed. Crowns also find their usage as cover-ups for dental implants, bridges’ attachments, preventing cracked tooth to become worse, restoration of stained or discolored tooth.

  1. Tooth whitening

This process can be said to be the most common type of cosmetic dentistry. This process includes, whitening gel, laser tooth whitening and other products as well. These products are either available over-the-counter or can be taken from dentists. They offer strong and immediate whitening solutions.

  1. Veneers

A super attractive smile is guaranteed with the help of veneers. A Dentist Wellington would ensure that the porcelain covering of your teeth gives you the best smile you can have. Veneers are thin and this porcelain covers the entire teeth. Dental problems treated with veneers are,

  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Cracked or crooked teeth

Front teeth defects are well concealed by porcelain veneers, upon being applied.

  1. Dental bonding

Dental bonding, an alternative to veneers is much cheaper. They are used to get rid of minor dental flaws when composite resins are glued to the tooth. This resin is shaped and hardened to cover up cracks or any such kind of physical imperfection including gaps.

  1. Orthodontics

This procedure can also be brought under the cosmetic dentistry category. However orthodontics is used only after applying it with one or the other major group of cosmetic dental process. Primarily the purpose behind orthodontics is to position and align the tooth properly. In this process wires are attached to brackets, which in turn are attached to your teeth to bring them in shape.

  1. Permanent tooth replacement

To replace a teeth permanently, tooth extraction is to be performed first, followed by use of dental implants. Small titanium screws are placed into the jawbone. Once this is done, a crown is fitted.

On a concluding note it can be said that these are the seven facts which one must learn about cosmetic dentistry. Though one doesn’t need to pay regular visits to the dentists when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you are free to visit him anytime you wish to since this process will have several means of improving the beauty of your teeth. So don’t be late. Make an appointment with your dentist now and undergo a dental makeover.

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Seven Points to Remember about Cosmetic Dentistry

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