Items you can’t forget to add to your spring cleaning list

It’s almost time to begin diving into your spring cleaning, but before you do, you should read this oddball list of things you can’t forget to clean.

Spring cleaning list
Spring cleaning list

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to get serious about cleaning. Spring cleaning is a way to welcome the new season refreshed. Once you do it, you’ll have more time on your hands to enjoy the warm weather and blossoming trees. Here’s a list of great items you can’t forget to add to your spring cleaning list to kick things off.

Address the Elephant in the Room: The Catch-All

More than likely, you have an eyesore in your home that becomes the designated place of chaotic dumping. We all experience a phase where we can’t keep up with organizing, and a specific chair or corner becomes the catch-all spot for miscellaneous items.

Add this space to your spring cleaning list so that you can address the elephant in the room and find a new system moving forward. This eyesore likely stares you down daily, and you know you need to deal with it, but you get busy. Slow down, address the elephant, and absolve yourself of this mess once and for all.

Give Your Washer a Good Washing

Giving your washer a good washing is not typically at the top of everyone’s spring cleaning list. But you would be surprised at the amount of debris clogged in the washer after so many loads.

Do yourself and the washer the favor of running a clean cycle and go ahead and include the dryer’s lint traps in this process. You may find your laundry cycles improve after you run a cleaning cycle.

Gift Your Car the Gift of Detailing

Your car experiences a lot with you, from running late, getting lost, hearing your singing, and everything in between. It’s also probably the location you spend a ton of your time in if you commute to work or have active children. Regardless of lifestyle demands, detailing your car is an item you can’t forget to add to your spring cleaning list because, realistically, your car deserves it. And so do you.

Get To Know Your Home’s Windows

Did you notice an incredibly high energy bill during the winter months? Chances are, it’s the windows. Go ahead and spend time getting to know your home’s windows. You may find that it’s time to replace a few or all.

One of the most common myths about replacement windows is you need to replace the entire home in one sitting, but you can address the problematic windows one at a time if that’s what works best for you. Put an end to avoidably high energy bills and control your home’s climate with the necessary replacements. 

Dust and Then Dust Again

The initial dusting is great. It’s essential for all spring cleaning. But after you move through the home, decluttering, reorganizing, and shifting your items, you’ll want to dust again. This is because you’ll stir a lot of dust up after the initial session, and it’ll feel like you never dusted in the first place. Dust again to finalize the cleaning process and finish strong. Let this list of items inspire your spring cleaning needs for the season ahead and bring you a new sense of peace. You don’t want to spend your summer staring at that catch-all cluttered spot, do you?

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Items you can’t forget to add to your spring cleaning list

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