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Tips for protecting rental equipment for outdoor events

Protect the rental equipment for your outdoor event so when it’s time to return it, you don’t need to worry about any damages or additional fees.

Tips for protecting rental equipment for outdoor events
Tips for protecting rental equipment for outdoor events

When hosting an outdoor event, most of the items you purchase to make the day happen need to go back to their rightful owners. But more importantly, they need to return in the same condition you received them. You don’t want to run the risk of being charged additional fees. Check out these tips for protecting rental equipment for outdoor events.

Hire Professionals

You might need volunteers for the event, but you also need professionals. Depending on the purpose of the event, you want pros who know how to handle complicated equipment. Some renters might have staff you can hire for the day. See if that’s part of the package deal. If not, you’ll want to hire people who know their way around electrical systems.

Host Training Sessions

Once you’ve got your team in place, host training sessions. You need to do a trial run for every aspect of the event. Host a training session for sound systems, screenings, and even for serving food. Accidents can happen anywhere, so you want to minimize the risk as much as possible.

Try and conduct these sessions any chance you get. Depending on the significance of the event, you may need to run them a month in advance, especially for things like outdoor concerts. You also need to solidify things the week leading up to the event. For example, have the entertainment come out to practice with the staff.

Consider Placement

Don’t be careless with any of the equipment. Put everything back in its rightful place once you’re done with it. That applies to the practice seasons too. Survey the site before setting it up, and make sure there are no potential dangers anywhere.

Things like portable restrooms will need specific placement. Never put them on top of a slope or in direct sunlight. Porta potties need to be well-ventilated for everyone’s benefit. Block off areas you don’t want people to enter. Place signs so people know it’s a prohibited zone.

Document Everything

Finally, take pictures of every piece of rented equipment to document the condition it comes in. That way, if the provider inquires about marks and scuffs, you can inform them that you received the items that way. You never know when someone might try to pull a fast one. Take a photo of the first and the last days of the event, and protect the rental equipment for your outdoor event to maintain a good reputation as a renter.

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Tips for protecting rental equipment for outdoor events

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