Arthritis Cures: The Top 10 Ways To Alleviate Arthritis Pain

Arthritis Pain
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Take Time to Relax

Arthritis affects the joints so learn to relax in the correct way. Take advantage of available mobility aids. Such as assisted recliner chairs foot stools and cushions. But do not let relaxing become in grained in your life. This can lead to a less active lifestyle which is not good for arthritis symptoms. Combine relaxation with gentle stretching and exercise.

Protect your joints

There has been a lot of research in to how we use our joints for everyday tasks. Try changing the way you hold common items and how you move around. If you have a flare up of symptoms use cushions foot and arm rests to support the limbs weight. Taking strain away from the joint will help stop the pain. Take a regular pain remedy as instructed by your doctor.


Alongside exercise develop a daily stretching routine. If you think it will become tiresome try making it fun or different. Try use a workout DVD or do your routine whilst watching a daily TV program. Alternatively take up an activity like yoga that’s beneficial not only for exercise but helps relaxes the mind as well.

Before any exercise it iss important to warm up or stretch this avoids pulling muscles during a routine. To make the routine more interesting try mix it up each day. This will not only keep it interesting but will shock your body for greater impact.


If you are starting any exercise program you should start with gentle stretching first to loosen your joints as described above. It’s important not to pull any muscles or cause a fall so take care. Swimming is great for arthritis the water helps lighten your weight against your joints. Exercise is just as important as relaxation and it is important to do both. Take advantage of using exercise aids such as mats, light weights like dumb bells tread mills and exercise balls. This helps vary the exercise pattern and will help keep your interest in it.


A relaxing long soak in a bath can do wonders for arthritis. Adding relaxing bath salts can also be good to calm and relax. Some people find using heat pads when a flare up occurs beneficial. These are relevantly inexpensive and can be easily applied to the affected area. You could also try using heat balms and creams massaging into the joint.

Use a Walking Stick

This can help take the weight from the joints. If you think there is a stigma attached to a walking stick. There are some really nice elegant canes that actually can make a great fashion statement!

Healthy Eating Plan

A strict dieting regime will not help arthritis symptoms but a healthy eating plan will. Healthy oil rich foods such as fish can help in joint care. A healthy amount of vegetables and protein in the correct portions eaten at regular intervals is a simple and effective plan.

Ergonomically Clever Products

There are products specially designed for people with arthritis. Research and studies carried out into what users need from products that they use regularly. They have bigger buttons and switches that are easy to use taking the strain from joints.

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Arthritis Cures: The Top 10 Ways To Alleviate Arthritis Pain

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