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Kobe Bryant sums up Stephen Curry’s brilliance with a riddle

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is an impossible matchup because you normally don’t scheme to take away 30-footers off the dribble. He demoralizes opponents because he takes “bad” shots with supreme confidence and makes them at a rate that is unprecedented. Curry is the MVP and, in terms of being able to launch from anywhere at any time, he might be the best shooter the NBA has ever seen.

Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry
Kobe Bryant respects the MVP’s style. (USATSI)

Or, as Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant put it after the Warriors’ 99-98 win over the Houston Rockets in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals on Thursday:

That’s exactly it. Curry doesn’t need any room to fire away, and he’s comfortable taking contested shots that shouldn’t really have a chance of going in. When he’s in a zone, the defense doesn’t matter much. Bryant, naturally, respects this aspect of his game.

So Steph, how does it feel to have Kobe say something like that about you?

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Kobe Bryant sums up Stephen Curry’s brilliance with a riddle

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