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How to protect mining sites from severe weather

Mining sites tend to be out in the open, which means the weather can pose a serious challenge. Learn how to protect your mining site from severe weather.

How to protect mining sites from severe weather
How to protect mining sites from severe weather

Many people don’t realize that mining goes far beyond digging for gold and precious gems. In fact, mining is crucial to the creation of roadways, computers, phones, satellites, and more. This means that protecting mining sites and the crews that keep them running is of the utmost importance.

Mining sites are often in open, remote locations, leaving them vulnerable to various weather events. This makes it difficult and dangerous to operate equipment, but more importantly, it puts crew members at risk. To help make operations a little safer, consider how you can protect mining sites from severe weather.

Use Comprehensive Monitoring Systems

First and foremost, it’s important to gather data from multiple weather monitoring devices and ensure that a proper warning system is in place. There are many applications specifically for mining operations that provide comprehensive data on more than just the day’s incoming storms. A quality tracking system should give you live data on pressure systems, temperatures, humidity, and air quality, and provide you with automated alerts and updates. This allows you to make more informed decisions and execute dynamic responses that will protect your site and crew members. Keep in mind that inclement weather goes beyond rain and snow—high temperatures are also a serious danger to crew members.

Prepare the Site and Store Equipment

Using comprehensive monitoring systems is crucial because they give you more time to respond, allowing you to properly prepare the site. All loose objects and debris should be removed, stored, or tied down, and storm sumps, as well as ecological traps, should be cleaned. Proper equipment and machinery storage should also take precedence. This means you must store weather-sensitive equipment indoors, and storage needs to be above where meteorologists predict water levels will rise. If you don’t already have weather-resistant storage onsite, fabric buildings are a great option for mining sites that need cost-effective, durable, and adaptable storage.

Check Onsite Emergency Equipment

The most important step you can take to protect your mining site from severe weather is to check and maintain your onsite emergency equipment. That means checking first aid emergency kits, making sure onsite medical facilities and vehicles are properly equipped, and ensuring post-event clean-up equipment is available and ready to use. It’s also important to consistently review evacuation and emergency procedures to ensure crew members stay knowledgeable on current protocols. This should go beyond knowing when to duck and cover to include basic first aid and comprehensive knowledge of evacuation routes. When everyone is on the same page, it becomes much easier to maintain the safety of your jobsite and protect invaluable workers.

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How to protect mining sites from severe weather