2 scientists win Nobel chemistry prize for “gene scissors”

Two scientists won the Nobel Prize in chemistry Wednesday for developing a method of genome editing likened to molecular scissors 

Male Birth Control Pill Blocks Sperm Hormones, But Will It Work?

 More than 50 years after the arrival of the pill for women, scientists say they’re getting closer to developing a 

Researchers Develop Hydrogen Biofuel Nano-Reactor From Bacteria And Viruses

Researchers from Indiana University have developed a highly efficient biomaterial that facilitates the formation of hydrogen, a crucial step in 

Aspirin May Lower Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer

Men with prostate cancer had almost a 40% lower risk of dying of the disease if they were taking aspirin 

Scientists Can Levitate Nanodiamonds in a Vacuum Using Laser Light

A team of researchers from the University of Rochester has managed to levitate nanodiamonds in a vacuum using laser light 

Medieval Skeleton Found Dangling From the Roots of a Fallen Tree

After a violent storm ripped through the Irish town of Collooney, locals were shocked to discover the remains of a 

Teen Explains What Life is Like in a Coma

For two weeks Claire Wineland kept picturing herself in Alaska looking at forests, caves and wildlife. I remember sitting there 

Will cities of the future FLOAT? $167 million project using concrete platforms could be home to 300 people by 2020

Group of biologists, nautical engineers and biologists, backed by Paypal founder Peter Thiel plans on building a floating city, or 

Beyond games, Oculus virtual reality headset finds medical uses

To help treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder, Jennifer Patterson turned to a gadget typically associated with video games: the 

“Long-Lasting LED Bulbs” Now 90% Cheaper

A new lightbulb from Philips, combined with a special deal from Home Depot, means that efficient bulbs with a 10-year 
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