Developer shows a jailbroken iPhone X on iOS 13.1.1 achieved by a new exploit

Developer and hacker Axi0mX recently shared a new exploit called checkm8 that offers the possibility to jailbreak almost every Apple 

Huawei delays global launch of foldable phone by three months

Huawei will delay the launch of its much-touted foldable 5G Mate X smartphone by three months, the latest setback for 

Ridiculously cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 price is $150 off for Amazon Black Friday

Both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are on sale today. amsung Galaxy S8 price drops are few 

The best smartphones and Android phones for any budget

WIRED Recommends the best mobile phones, including the best Android phone, the best budget smartphone and the best cameraphone. You 

Google promises to end concerning smartphone tracking

Google has been caught tracking smartphone owner’s whereabouts even when they have switched off their location services. The tech giant 

12 apps that show you how you’re wasting time — and help you make better use of it

You never thought juggling—a term typically reserved for circus clowns or the party trick you tried to learn in college—would 

Twitter Advertisers Can Now Target You Based on the Other Apps on Your Phone

For the past six months, Twitter has been collecting data on which smartphone apps its users download. Now, the company 

Google Mimics Apple With Android Pay

WE’RE ANOTHER STEP closer to a world where everyone pays for a pastry at the corner coffee shop with the 

Processors do grow on trees: your next phone could be made of wood

Engineers hunting for a way to make electronics more sustainable have hit on a novel invention – a semiconductor chip 

HTC One M9+ arrives with QHD screen, Android 5.0 and octa-core chip

HTC HAS UNVEILED the HTC One M9+, a larger version of its latest smartphone with an upgraded QHD screen and 
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