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Yahoo Revamps Mobile Search Results, Ties-Up With Oracle

After revamping its Flickr app across mobiles, desktop and the Web last month, Yahoo on Thursday revamped mobile search by making few changes in the way it shows search results. The firm also announced a tie-up with Oracle in order to make its search engine reach more users worldwide.

Yahoo mobile search |
Yahoo mobile search |

Yahoo, in a bid to enhance the user’s overall search experience, will now be showing assembled search results instead of giving several links, especially when a user in on the move and is searching for a specific location. The search results would show the images, videos, news and other additional content related to the search, on top.

We know when you’re on the go, you’re often searching for a specific piece of information. So rather than delivering endless links for you to sift through on a small screen, we beautifully assemble the most relevant information in a way that allows you to take action right away, said Andrew Poon, Vice President, Product Management at Yahoo, in a company blog post.

To test the new Yahoo Search, users would have to go navigate to from their mobile devices.

The company CEO, Marissa Meyer in a shareholders meet earlier this week, also announced Yahoo’s tie-up with Oracle. As a part of the collaboration, Oracle will being rolling out Java updates with a pre-ticked installation box that will install Yahoo Search as the default search engine in the user’s default browser. The firm said that we have definitely made sure that our onboarding process is one that is highly transparent and gives users choice, as per Wall Street Journal report. Users who don’t want to install the Yahoo search in the first place, can uncheck the box while updating the Java application. While the move will certainly help Yahoo get its search engine onto more browsers, we are not too sure it will sit well in users who are already wary of such bundled offers.

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Yahoo Revamps Mobile Search Results, Ties-Up With Oracle

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