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August 16, 2012 – 2:08 pm | Views: 2209

The First Lady supported her hubby at a campaign rally wearing a chic checkered frock — but this wasn’t the first time she’s been seen out and about in the dress!

Michelle Obama Re-Wears $86 ASOS Dress While Campaigning

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is back to her fashionable First Lady ways, re-wearing an affordable frock on Aug. 15 when she accompanied her husband, President Obama, to Dubuque, IA wearing a stylish and chic midi dress from ASOS. What’s even better? It was only $86!

It comes as no surprise that the First Lady decided to get more than one use out of the chic summer dress when she attended the Joining Forces Cookout for National Guard and Reserve and Active Duties Members in New Hampshire less than a month ago.

It’s so nice to see she still stays true to her relatable style — and considering she looks so good, who could blame her? It’s the perfect way to look cool in the summer heat and it’s so flattering on her figure.

Taylor Casey

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Michelle Obama Re-Wears $86 ASOS Dress While Campaigning

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