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Mali drops French as official language after adopting its new constitution

More than 60 years after Bamako declared independence, Mali abandoned French as its official language.

Colonel Assimi Goita,
Colonel Assimi Goita, President of the transition of Mali | Image source:

This decision was based on a new constitution passed on Saturday, July 22nd. reported RT.

The final results of the June referendum on the draft constitution were confirmed by the Bamako Constitutional Court, winning 96.91% of the vote.

Thirteen languages ​​spoken in the country are officially recognized as official languages, with French functioning as the primary working language.

Seventy other local languages ​​also survive, including Bambara, Bobo, Dogon and Minianka, some of which are recognized as national languages ​​by 1982 decree.

The Fourth Republic of Mali was officially inaugurated on Saturday, July 22, when the top of head, Colonel Assimi Goita, effected the country’s new constitution.

Since taking power in an August 2020 coup, the Malian military has insisted that a constitution is essential to rebuilding the country.

Mali has witnessed two consecutive coups in August 2020 and May 2021. The military government initially promised to hold elections in February 2022, but ultimately postponed them to February 2024.

France’s decision to abandon France came amid growing anti-French sentiment in West Africa, with recognition of French political and military interference.

Relations between Paris and the West African nation’s military leaders have soured since the coup d’état by Mali’s military junta.

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Mali drops French as official language after adopting its new constitution

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