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Beauty: Black Skin Care Products Can Help You Have Beautiful Skin

As people with black skin know, one of the major problems they face is the fact that black skin can blemish easily. Scarring due to acne etc can be very noticeable. Black skin care products are formulated to meet the specific needs of this skin.

Beautiful Black African American Woman
Beautiful Black African American Woman


What you eat and drink will determine what your skin looks like as beautiful skin depends on a healthy diet. You need to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink a lot of water and green tea.

You need to get a good night’s sleep as well. Lack of sleep will cause skin problems such as dark circles under your eyes but it also affects your immune system. If your immune system is compromised you are more likely to suffer from conditions such as Acne etc. Lack of sleep causes dehydration in your skin and you are more likely to get wrinkles.

Almost 80% of American women are lacking one mineral which has a direct affect on their skin and that is calcium. All the faddy diets that suggest you cut out dairy products don’t mention the fact that calcium is vital to the health of your skin. Calcium also keeps your bones strong and one problem associated with weak bones, apart from the risk of injury and paralysis, is sagging skin.

Any form of yo-yo dieting or diets that cut out whole food groups are bad for your skin and your health and best avoided. If you gain and lose weight repeatedly your skin will end up saggy – not the effect you were looking for.

As we know scarring on black skin is generally more noticeable than on white skin. To help your skin fight infection and to control inflammation, try increasing your consumption of vitamin C. Citrus fruits, cantaloupe melon and kiwi fruit are all good natural sources.Try drinking more smoothies. They are an easy way of increasing the quantities of fruit and berries in your diet.

We are creatures of habit which applies to our food consumption as well as our lifestyles. A lot of people who do eat the recommended quantity of fruit and vegetables, eat the same types day in day out. Your skin will benefit if you go for a rainbow effect i.e. choose different types of fruit and vegetables in as wide a range of colours as possible. You could try introducing a new fruit or vegetable every week.

Drinking green tea is good for all skin types as it contains a lot of antioxidants which help fight disease in particular cancer. Oolong tea is particularly good at fighting eczema.

Exercise is also very good for your skin provided you do not over do it. Moderate exercise will improve your circulation. Your blood brings vital nutrients to your skin. Exercise also helps to reduce stress and we all know that too much stress causes worry lines and wrinkles.

Although darker skin has more natural protection against the sun, it can still burn. So make sure your black skin care products contain sunscreens.

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Beauty: Black Skin Care Products Can Help You Have Beautiful Skin

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