Skin whitening creams remain online despite mercury findings

Skin-whitening creams identified as containing potentially dangerous levels of mercury continue to be sold online more than seven months after 

Rihanna is launching her first red lipstick: what we know so far about Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

When the first wave of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna products was released and it contained only one lip product, the 

Five Qualities That Beauty Therapists Should Have

Whether it is applying makeup, styling the hair, giving a soothing and relaxing massage, doing the nails, or improving the 

How to have a makeover with tattoos

One can find any number of tattoos in the free tattoo galleries of a host of online companies. These fake 

British bullying victim taunted for having “snake skin” becomes beauty queen

Shelley-Marie Sumner, 23, was bullied nonstop growing up because severe eczema gave her rashes all over her body. Her eczema 

Overuse of Antibiotics For Acne Causes Resistance, Dermatologist Supports Light Therapy As A Promising Alternative

Acne sufferers can spend months if not years on a mix of antibiotics, contributing to the problem of resistance and 

100 Years of Beauty Styles in 1 Minute

How have hair and makeup styles for women evolved over the last century? The evolution of style is oft studied 

4 Held in Case of Missing Honduras Beauty Queen

Honduran authorities are holding four people for questioning about the disappearance four days ago of Miss Honduras 2014, Maria Jose 

Beauty: Black Skin Care Products Can Help You Have Beautiful Skin

As people with black skin know, one of the major problems they face is the fact that black skin can 

Beauty: Should You Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Are you a female who is regularly concerned with your appearance? Beauty is an issue that many women, just like 
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