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Jolla Tablet running Sailfish OS 2.0 now available for pre-orders

Jolla has started taking pre-orders for its Sailfish OS based tablet .

Jolla Tablet
Jolla Tablet is a 7.85-inch device running gesture-based Sailfish OS 2.0 (Source: Jolla)

Jolla, the finnish startup formed by ex-Nokia employees has started pre-orders for its much anticipated Jolla Tablet based on Sailfish OS 2.0. Jolla had started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $380,000 for manufacturing its Sailfish tablet and achieved the goal in a day. The original campaign was 480 per cent funded in December.

Jolla Tablet is available in India, Switzerland, Norway, United States, Australia, Canada and all EU countries. Shipment starts for Indiegogo contributors in early September and for pre-order customers, the device is scheduled to ship in the end of October.

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Jolla Tablet running Sailfish OS 2.0 now available for pre-orders

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