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UK news: Man arrested for CANNIBALISM after head of three-year-old boy is found in his home

Police are now searching for the suspect’s brother after neighbours revealed they have both been convicted of cannibalism before

Pakistani villager Mohammad Arif
Pakistani villager Mohammad Arif | Getty

Police have arrested a known cannibal after the head of a three-year-old boy was found in his house.

The shocking discovery was made after neighbours complained about the stink of rotting flesh.

Mohammad Arif Ali has allegedly admitted to the crime just a year after being freed from prison for an earlier act of cannibalism.

He and his brother Farman were jailed for two years in Pakistan for stealing the body of a dead woman from her grave in 2011.

They admitted chopping off her lower limbs and making them into meat curry at their home in Darya Khan.

They were sentenced under the law of desecration of the grave because Pakistan had no law relating to cannibalism.

Police are now trying to find Farman to question him about the latest find.

District police chief Ameer Abdullah said:Residents informed police after a stench emanated from the house of the two brothers.

A year ago another police official, Fakhar Bhatti, told the BBC of his horror at discovering the corpse of the woman in the home that led to their first conviction.

He told of a trail of ants leading to under the bed where her body – minus the lower limbs – was discovered.

He added: In the middle of the room, I saw a cooking pot which was half full of meat curry. Nearby was a wooden board, a butcher’s axe and a large kitchen knife. Bits of fat clung to the board and the blade of the axe.

It still gives me the creeps; they had chopped off one of her legs below the knee, and the other near the shin.

The rest of the body was intact. The curry was made from those parts.

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UK news: Man arrested for CANNIBALISM after head of three-year-old boy is found in his home

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