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Protecting assets: how to make your warehouse more secure

Keeping your warehouse protected is essential to protecting your business assets and preventing theft. Learn how to make your warehouse more secure.

Protecting assets: how to make your warehouse more secure
Protecting assets: how to make your warehouse more secure

Protecting assetsl for any business. Key tasks, such as restricting access to employees and performing maintenance checks, help protect your building. Delve into the top ways to make your warehouse more secure.

Restricting Access

Restricting access to your warehouse is crucial to maintaining your inventory’s safety and security. A simple yet effective way of doing this is setting up a keycard system that employees must use to gain entry. This makes it easier for managers to ensure only personnel with relevant authorization can enter the warehouse.

Pro Tip

Ensure all employees understand the rules of the warehouse. No one should share their keycard or entry codes with other individuals. If workers lose their cards, they should report them to you immediately. 

Ensuring Visibility in the Area

Ensuring visibility inside and outside the warehouse is essential to protect your assets. Invest in security lighting for the inside and outside of the building to use at night. Additionally, security and motion lights keep the area illuminated, decreasing the risk of vandals.

Utilize Alarm Systems

Installing a sophisticated alarm system and CCTV cameras around the warehouse can be necessary for any business requiring a high level of security. Having an alarm go off when suspicious movement is detected will give you peace of mind because you’ll be able to take proper action before anything too serious happens. Not only this, but CCTV footage allows you to review any suspicious activity that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. 

Pro Tip

Install security cameras inside and outside of the building. This way, if someone vandalizes or tries to break in, you have footage that police can use to track down the individual.

Maintain Commercial Doors

Commercial doors are your largest entryway, and they pose a security risk if they don’t work properly. Check outside seals to ensure they are intact and shut the door properly. Additionally, verify that all locks and door handles work correctly. Regularly inspect components like hinges, sweeps, and weather-stripping. If you notice issues, contact a commercial door technician as soon as possible to keep your building in great shape.

One of the most common signs you need to replace your commercial door is if you notice gaps along the seal or heavy surface damage. Both can lower security, which could jeopardize your business.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks

The final tip on how to make your warehouse secure is to perform consistent maintenance inspections.Regular maintenance checks help identify areas where additional security measures may be necessary and help prevent costly damage to valuable goods. Inspect the locks on all doors, windows, and other entry points to make sure they are all working correctly. Faulty locks can create an opportunity for criminals to enter the premises easily. Create a schedule for all security checks. For example, perform daily tasks such as locking doors and windows; monthly inspection should include inspecting doors and testing alarm systems. Ensuring everything works will keep your property safe from vandals.

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Protecting assets: how to make your warehouse more secure

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