Disinfectant riff is latest of many Trump science clashes

What President Donald Trump says and does often flies in the face of mainstream science. Coronavirus and the idea of 

Despite grim projections, Trump resists national quarantine

Even as he warns of a grim few weeks ahead with tens of thousands of Americans likely killed by the new 

Trump signs $2 trillion recovery plan as US virus cases skyrocket

President Donald Trump signed into law Friday the $2 trillion rescue plan to salvage a US economy crippled by the 

Trump calls for quick end to US coronavirus lockdown

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday he wants to loosen the coronavirus lockdown in the United States and restart the economy 

Fear in New York, but Trump says coronavirus restrictions could ease

Anxiety ratcheted up Monday across an eerily deserted New York, America’s coronavirus epicenter, but President Donald Trump said he’d soon 

Trump defends Modi, refuses to weigh in on citizenship law

Defending the host who has showered him with pageantry, President Donald Trump refused Tuesday to speak out publicly against an 

Senate poised to acquit Trump of impeachment charges

The US Senate could acquit Donald Trump of impeachment charges as early as Friday after Democratic efforts to call trial 

Trump confirms death of Islamic State group chief Baghdadi in US raid

President Donald Trump said Sunday that the Islamic State group’s elusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed, dying like 

Democrats subpoena White House as impeachment probe intensifies

Democratic lawmakers on Friday demanded that the White House turn over documents related to allegations that President Donald Trump pressured 

50 years ago, humanity’s first steps on another world

Fifty years ago on Saturday, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans in history to set 
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