Microsoft confirms talks seeking to buy US arm of TikTok

Microsoft confirmed Sunday it is in talks with Chinese company ByteDance to acquire the U.S. arm of its popular video 

Exclusive: U.S. sanctions curb Microsoft sales to hundreds of Russian firms

Two of Microsoft’s official distributors in Russia have imposed restrictions on sales of Microsoft software to more than 200 Russian 

Microsoft Surface Book 2 review: beauty and brawn, but with limits

A powerful portable desktop PC I  always wanted Microsoft to build a laptop, and it finally went ahead and built 

Microsoft Hits $1 Trillion in All-Time Revenue, and With More Profit than Apple

They also beat Apple in cumulative profits Last quarter, Microsoft hit a major milestone: $1 trillion in all-time cumulative revenue 

The Latest: Microsoft, Activision host E3 preview parties

Sony’s E3 presentation ended Monday with “Uncharted” treasure hunter Nathan Drake careening down a hilly city, but that’s not the 

Microsoft says “Windows 10 available” on July 29

Microsoft Corp said on Monday its new Windows 10 operating system will be available worldwide on July 29, as a 

Read “Bill Gates” letter to Microsoft employees for company’s 40th anniversary

Over the weekend, Microsoft, somewhat quietly, celebrated its 40th anniversary. Co-founded by “Bill Gates” and “Paul Allen” back in 1975, 

Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Marks End Of Internet Explorer

From the status of trusted ally to one of the most obsolete browsers out there, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has given 

Broken Windows? Microsoft’s crucial week

On Wednesday Microsoft will start the campaign to convince consumers they need Windows 10. It’s an uphill struggle, says Matt 

Microsoft hits out at Google team over bug report

Google has been criticised by Microsoft after the search giant publicised a security flaw in Windows – which some said 
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