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Things to remember when parking on a busy street

Parking on a busy street or parking lot can be stressful and overwhelming for anyone. Here are a few rules to remember to make it easier for you.

Things to remember when parking on a busy street
Things to remember when parking on a busy street

We tend to relax and become less attentive while driving. However, there’s more to driving than just following the textbook rules. Exercising courtesy and being responsible for everyone on the road, including motorists and pedestrians, can help eliminate stress and reduce your chances of being in an accident.

Navigating and parking your car on a busy street comes with a few responsibilities. To help make the process much easier, remember these four things when parking on a busy street.

Make an Effort To Park Between the Lines

Although it’s the bare minimum, try to park within the lines. Parking appropriately inside the parking space will help everyone around you. Parking according to the lot’s structure will allow others to park properly and exit their cars with ease. If you’re not between the lines, do everyone a favor and straighten up as best as possible.

Try Your Best Not To Tailgate Others

While finding a parking spot can be difficult, you should still give the drivers in front of you enough space. Tailgating someone won’t make them move faster or help you find a parking spot. You can stress yourself out and even cause an accident by driving too close to others. You should leave enough space so that another car can fit between your car and the one in front of you.

Make Sure Your Car Is Visible

Another thing to remember when parking on a busy street is to ensure your car is visible to others. One of the worst things to experience is thinking you found a spot, but when you get closer, you see a vehicle in the parking space. When you park, ensure other drivers can see your vehicle. An inattentive driver can easily bump into your car if they think it’s a free spot. That said, if someone were to hit your parked car, you would follow the same procedure as if you were in an accident.

Use Your Turn Signals

When parallel parking or parking on a busier street, it’s important to remember the basics of parking etiquette—and that includes using your turn signals. Drivers behind you may also be looking for a spot or trying to move through traffic. Using your turn signals will let them know to give you enough distance to park your vehicle. If you don’t use your blinker, you could cause an accident.

There’s No Such Thing As ”Dibs”

There are times when we anticipate high levels of traffic and limited parking. We understand how inconvenient it can be to spend 20 minutes searching for the best spot. It’s important to practice patience when searching for a parking area. Remember that you can’t place an object or mark your territory on an unassigned parking spot. If you’re going to an event with limited parking, consider using a ride-share app, so you won’t have to stress. While parking lots aren’t considered dangerous, accidents can happen. Prevent incidents such as road rage and fender benders by staying patient and considerate on the road. Keep yourself and your passengers safe by remembering these tips when parking on a busy street or parking garage. Safe travels!

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Things to remember when parking on a busy street

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