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Tech: Vivacom launching the first Free2Go 5G prepaid package in Bulgaria

June 6’2023, Sofia. Vivacom is launching the first prepaid package in Bulgaria granting access to the biggest 5G network in the country. Prepaid users will benefit from increased stability and capacity of the connection. Thus, Vivacom became the first mobile operator that provides all services (postpaid, prepaid, and home 5G internet) in 5G packages only.

Vivacom launching the first Free2Go 5G prepaid package in Bulgaria
Vivacom launching the first Free2Go 5G prepaid package in Bulgaria

Before the start of the summer season, prepaid voice service customers will be able to take advantage of even more attractive terms and conditions. The starter Fre2GO package comes with double the number of minutes (800 min) and internet access (12 000 MB) for 12.00 BGN (incl. VAT). Customers will also be able to benefit from the updated terms and conditions of the add-on packages when recharging. The most attractive add-on package is the Mix L+ with 800 min and 10 000 MB for 9.99 BGN (incl. VAT).

Some of the key advantages are the enabled roaming service, as well as the 5 800 MB for use in the EU included in the starter package. In addition to being the only prepaid option providing access to the 5G network, Free2GO is also the only prepaid package where internet access is not charged. With Vivacom’s prepaid services customers are not paying any recharge fees, which allows them to use the entire available balance to select an add-on package that suits their needs.

“Vivacom’s strategic priority is to not only invest in the development of technologies but also to make them available to more and more users. That is also the main reason why we are expanding our services with the prepaid package Free2GO – giving more people the opportunity to benefit from high technology. We will continue to develop our network and to offer the most attractive plans to our customers”, stated Nikolay Andreev, Vivacom’s Executive Director.

Vivacom launched the first commercial 5G network in September 2020 in all 27 regional cities of the country. In less than three years Vivacom has made substantial investments and has provided access to its fifth-generation network to 82% of the country’s population. This means that 5.3 million people in Bulgaria already have access to good and stable coverage with super-fast internet access for business and entertainment, as well as to a connection with constant high quality and minimal delay for data transfer purposes. To benefit from access to the 5G network, users of prepaid services must use a 5G compatible device.

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Dutch-based United Group is the leading telecommunications and media operator in South-East Europe. Active in eight countries, the company has more than 15 million users and nearly 15,000 employees. It generates almost €2.7 billion in annual revenues. United Group has the widest network coverage in the region and offers users the most attractive selection of TV content from around the world. Significant investments in digital infrastructure, content and technology ensure the excellence of the products and services it provides to customers. United Group has been majority owned by BC Partners, one of the largest global investment companies, since March 2019. As of July 2020, Vivacom is part of the United Group. In Bulgaria, the group also includes Nova Broadcasting Group and Telegraf newspaper.

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Tech: Vivacom launching the first Free2Go 5G prepaid package in Bulgaria