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Things to know before buying a medical mobile computer cart

A mobile medical cart is important to have in a hospital and doctor’s office. Keep this advice in mind when buying a medical mobile computer cart.

Things to know before buying a medical mobile computer cart
Things to know before buying a medical mobile computer cart

One thing you need to consider when working in a medical environment is that medical staff, nurses, and doctors walk during the majority of the shifts. While workers walk room to room to check on patients, they also have many tasks to complete, including medication dispensing and checking vitals. The best way to get through each task is with a mobile computer cart. Here are the things to know before buying a medical mobile computer cart.


The cart you pick should have versatility. It should have functions to make work easier and more thorough. Your cart must be easy to move around yet able to remain still. If your trolley doesn’t do this currently, it’s time to upgrade.

The other thing a suitable mobile trolley should have is storage. A cart with a storage bin, or an assortment of storage spaces, is more user-friendly, making it easier to find what you’re looking for when needed.

Staff will often use this station at a patient’s bedside, where it’s easy for workers to administer their medication. Extra storage will make it easier for staff to visit multiple patients and keep items organized along the way.

Power Source

Your trolley should have a good power source. Look over the description page and read the utility value to judge a cart’s power supply. A strong utility value will support the daily workflow for each staff member.

Looking into a cart’s power supply is crucial, especially if you’re considering more than one rechargeable type. There are two primary types you may come across: a built-in battery and a swappable battery. A built-in battery glows to indicate when the charge is low, while the swappable kind is removable and can charge on a station after you swap it out.

Security Features

Security features are another major asset to look for. Mobile carts are vulnerable when they’re on the floor of a hospital or doctor’s office. If a cart doesn’t have a security code to lock the cart when it’s not in use, someone could come in and compromise a patient’s information.

Buy a cart with high-tech security features. Buying something with better safeguard tools can protect patients and workers. The best security feature most medical trolleys have is an automatic lock system. Once pharmacists place the medication in a drawer of the trolley, nurses need to use a log-in to unlock that drawer.


Sometimes technology can go haywire, even with modern equipment. The modern equipment would usually include a computer monitor and barcode. These features may not seem like much, but they can still experience damage and become messy, so the best preventative maintenance for mobile carts is cleaning them after every use. Your owner’s manual will provide tips on how to take care of your equipment.

Better equipment allows your medical facility to remain up-to-date and comfortable to work in. Use these tips on buying a mobile medical cart to help you find one that fits your medical office’s needs and improves the workflow for every medical staff member.

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Things to know before buying a medical mobile computer cart

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