Billionaire Musk’s net worth zooms past Warren Buffett’s – Bloomberg News

Elon Musk’s net worth soared past Warren Buffett on Friday as the chief executive officer of Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) became 

Former Google Engineer Suing Company Over Perceived Discrimination Against White Men

The writer of a controversial Google memo is accusing the company of silencing conservative viewpoints. An engineer fired from Google 

Ensuring Home Security: How CCTV Cameras Can Help in Home Safety

The thought of intruders breaking into your home with ease is definitely something that would scare you, not to mention 

Google buys video-processing service provider Zync Render

(Reuters) – Google Inc (GOOGL.O) said it bought Zync Render, the visual effects cloud-rendering technology company behind Star Trek Into 

Facebook expands Africa push

It’s the new frontier for the internet – connecting billions of people in Africa and Asia who have yet to 

Europe news: UK gov’t to push through data snooping measures

LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron pledged Thursday to rush through fresh measures to give police and spy 

US News: Authorities: Prostitute gave exec fatal heroin hit

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (AP) — A Silicon Valley success story turned sordid this week with the arrest of an upscale 

Entertainment: Chelsea Handler heading to Netflix with talk show

NEW YORK (AP) — Netflix is expanding its empire of original content with a talk show to be hosted by 

Technology: Swipe right for Ms. Right (or Mr. Right Now): The rise of mobile dating apps

NEW YORK (AP) — So, a lady walks into a bar…Wait, scratch that. A lady takes out her phone. With 

Social Networking: Watch brilliant film slating social media that is taking the internet by storm

This brilliant short film slating ‘antisocial’ media has taken over the internet after going viral with nearly 20 million views 
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