Safety precautions to practice when renting a dumpster

Move with precaution when renting a dumpster. Pay close attention to the items you throw away. You should ensure none of them are hazardous materials.

Safety precautions to practice when renting a dumpster
Safety precautions to practice when renting a dumpster

Never rent a dumpster for your trash disposal and assume you know all there is to know about the containers. Not all trash is the same, and it doesn’t all end up in the same place. Renters need to be careful with these bins for their own protection and those who come in contact with the container. Check out these safety precautions to practice when renting a dumpster.

Make Them Visible

We know what you’re thinking. How is it possible to hide a dumpster? Technically speaking, you’re correct. These bins are the sort of objects that no one can avoid. However, you still need to place them in a safe location.

The spot must be level and never on an upward or downward hill. Even if it comes with stoppers, you should still choose a flat surface. You must also pick a solid surface, meaning you need to avoid grass or mud. Concrete is always the safer option because the dumpster could sink into soil if it rains. Place plywood or blocks beneath the container to protect the ground from cracking.

Watch Your Waste

Be mindful of what items you toss inside the container. For instance, if you need the dumpster for a construction project, then the items you toss inside should be strictly for construction. Loose things like food scraps and beverages invite pests to start rummaging through.

Keep food and hazardous waste out. There’s a proper way to dispose of dangerous materials in dumpsters. You never want to toss them inside because they could lead to dumpster fires, chemical reactions, or even explosions. Read the labels of all items and ask your provider for their recommendation.

Keep the Area Clear

Don’t have too many items cluttered around the container. Keep the work area clear. Too much clutter leaves lots of things hidden. And some of these items could be dangerous to human health. Plus, you don’t want to have a crowded area that causes someone to accidentally fall.

Dumpsters have sharp corners and rough edges. Falling onto these edges is extremely dangerous and will most likely result in a trip to the hospital. Keep the area clear so that everyone sees all the hidden dangers and reduces fall hazards on the worksite.

Fill to Perfection

When we say fill to perfection, we don’t mean to fill and keep on filling. You never want to see the items inside the dumpster start to fall over. Do not overfill the dumpster. For starters, if the container exceeds the weight limit, you’ll pay additional fees.

Moreover, an overfilled dumpster is dangerous for the transporter. When it comes time for pickup, the weight needs to be exact. Otherwise, positioning it on the truck and traveling to the dump site gets dangerous. You could damage the car and derail the travel time. Ask your provider how much weight your container can withstand, and place the items inside strategically to evenly distribute the weight. Practice these safety precautions when renting a dumpsterto protect yourself and everyone around it.

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Safety precautions to practice when renting a dumpster