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The 2022 Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces across North America

  • Announced at the InspireWork Summit in NYC
  • Top 50 include: AAG, Brad’s Deals, Blue Shield of California, Guusto, PepsiCo Beverages, Rackspace, Union Pacific, and overall winner, Ocean State Job Lot.

Last night, The Inspiring Workplaces Group announced its first ever Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces list for North America.


Now in its eighth year, and reflecting an evolving workplace landscape, IW has revamped the awards program for 2022. Each organisation was asked to complete the same entry form consisting of six key elements- elements IW believe are fundamental to creating an Inspiring Workplace. They are:

  • Culture and Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Wellbeing
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Communication
  • Employee Experience

Organisations entered a category defined by how many people are within the organisation and the final Top 50 was decided by an independent expert judging panel.

Matt Manners, Founder, The Inspiring Workplaces Group commented, Congratulations to The Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces. An historic moment. This year, like in EMEA, the competition for an Inspiring Workplaces Award is the strongest that we have ever seen. We think that this is brilliant news. Indicative of positive, meaningful change throughout the world of work. Organisations must create workplaces that not only inspire but provide reasons to first believe in and then to feel like they also belong.


Full list of winners from The North America Inspiring Workplaces Awards 2022.

By organisational size:

Enterprise Business (5000+ employees):

  1. Ocean State Job Lot
  2. Rackspace Technology
  3. Concentrix

Large Business Winners (500 – 4999 employees):

  1. Takeda Business Solutions
  2. PagerDuty
  3. Criteo

Medium Business (50 – 499 employees):

  1. Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)
  2. Brad’s Deals

Small Business (0 – 49 employees):

  1. Stanton House Inc
  2. Mydoh (RBC Ventures)
  3. Breaktime Media

Special Recognition categories:

As part of the awards, IW announced the specific winner across each special recognition category last night. It will be announcing The Top 10 in each region and globally later this year, along with the themes that were exhibited across these organisations. The winners are as follows:

  • Culture and purpose winner
    • Ocean State Job Lot
  • Leadership winner
    • Ocean State Job Lot
  • Wellbeing winner
    • Brad’s Deals
  • Inclusion winner
    • Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)
  • Employee communications winner
    • Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)
  • Employee Experience winner
    • Ocean State Job Lot

The ranking for the North America Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces:

  1. Ocean State Job Lot
  2. Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO)
  3. Takeda Business Solutions
  4. Brad’s Deals
  5. Stanton House Inc
  7. PagerDuty
  8. Rackspace Technology
  9. Avail Car Sharing
  10. TimeXtender
  11. Mydoh (RBC Ventures)
  12. Criteo
  13. Concentrix
  14. JOINT: CooperCompanies & Breaktime Media
  15. JOINT: Union Pacific & Jobber
  16. ISAAC Instruments
  17. Arity
  18. Everise
  19. American Advisors Group
  20. JOINT: Weave & Hotspex
  21. Bitwise Industries
  22. Globant
  23. Broadvoice
  24. Coffrages Synergy Formwork
  25. TriWest Healthcare Alliance
  26. Royal Ambulance
  27. SWIFT
  28. JOINT: Workhuman & Lexum
  29. PitchBook
  30. JOINT: Skai & Diligent Corporation
  31. Jerry
  32. JOINT: Lexipol & POD Marketing Inc
  33. Allied Electronics & Automation
  34. JOINT: UberFlip & Carlton One Engagement
  35. XIL Health
  36. PepsiCo Beverages North America
  37. 4Seasons Transportation
  38. Blue Shield of California
  39. JOINT: Couchbase & Proofed
  40. Solvvy
  41. International WELL Building Institute
  42. 2U, Inc.
  43. Sargento
  44. Prevue
  45. Sentinel Technologies, Inc
  46. Abstrakt Marketing Group
  47. Formlabs
  48. Grupo Salinas International
  49. 4G Clinical
  50. Guusto

Register for 2023 Inspiring Workplaces

Want to have the chance of being named in The Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces across EMEA or North America in 2023? Then register your interest here: We will open for entries this October.

Exclusive 2023 partnerships

IW is limiting itself to only 10 annual partners in 2023. This will cover a multitude of opportunities to interact with our community and help us to make the world of work a better a place. For more information please contact

About Inspiring Workplaces – change the world

Inspiring Workplaces is the result of the merger between Employee Engagement Awards and the Employee Engagement Alliance. It is headquartered in the UK and operates in North America, Africa and Australasia. Inspiring Workplaces™, believes in recognising and shaping the new, forward-thinking organizations of the future. By shedding the light on these innovative workplaces, Inspiring Workplaces helps to encourage positive change in workplaces as well as provide a source of inspiration and education for those who seek it.

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The 2022 Top 50 Inspiring Workplaces across North America

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