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Information technology encompasses the use of the latest technologies to organize, manage and make data easily accessible. The term information technology oftentimes refers to the use of a computer or other device that is premised on computer technology to capture, store, manipulate, retrieve, and transmit or share information. In Nigeria, the kind of information technology in use is still underdeveloped. This calls for more computer education right from secondary schools to colleges, universities and other tertiary institutions of learning. Such education should involve more information technology training. Learners should also be taken through more detailed computer courses such as CCNA training in Nigeria.

Information Technology Training in Nigeria

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But why should information technology training be such a big concern? The reason is because no one can afford to live without training in computer technologies in the modern world. Innovation in IT is increasing at a very fast pace globally driven to a large extent by business as well as home needs. People want to be able to download music from the comfort of their homes. Watching news does not necessarily have to be on TV.

Why do this while you can watch very many channels online if you are IT-savvy and have the requisite facilities to facilitate your viewing? In addition to this, people want to meet their friends online and chat on social media while at work or at home. This is only possible if they are able to use information technology to operate devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

Inbusiness, more and more people are doing their shopping online. It is also a fact that more and more businesses are going online to advertise and even display their products. This means that if more people are IT savvy, more opportunities are likely to be created through the use of the Internet in services such as marketing, entertainment and so on.

The use of online technologies in services such as marketing also makes businesses reduce their operating costs since they can advertise at cheaper rates and reduce the need for more physical stores to display their items. But as it was mentioned above, this is only achievable if more people have information technology skills.

Regrettably, as noted, information technology is still in its infancy stage in Nigeria. This means that more job opportunities are being lost as only very few people can exploit the opportunities offered by the Internet. Low levels of education imply that not many people have opportunities to gain skills in more advanced courses such as CCNA training in Nigeria.

This denotes that few people in Nigeria can undertake processes such as installation of computer programs, setting up computer devices, operating and troubleshooting small and medium-sized routed and switched computer networks. Yet this is necessary for both small and large organizations using computers to be able to manage and share information. Therefore, information technology training in Nigeria should focus on areas such as CCNA to make learners not just mere users of technologybut people who can manage and troubleshoot computer devices.

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Information Technology Training in Nigeria

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