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Coldplay Refuse Justin Bieber Collab? ‘He Is Too Handsome’

Chris Martin and Co. intimidated by the Bieber’s looks

Coldplay Refuse Justin Bieber Collab? 'He Is Too Handsome'

Despite their recent collaboration with uber-cool Rihanna on ’Princess of China’ Coldplay have ruled out the chance of any further pop hook ups as the band fear they aren’t “handsome” enough.

Lead singer Chris Martin made the startling revelation in an interview with The Sun and said the band were a bit old and not hot enough to feature on a track with pop heartthrobs such as Justin Bieber and felt more like their grand-parents than fellow musicians.

“Justin Bieber is too handsome for us. If he wants to do a video with four people who look like his grandparents then we should be in it,” the 35 year-old claimed.

“But we’ve got to look good — we’d just look terrible next to that guy.”

But despite ruling out a collaboration, the ‘Speed Of Light’ singer admitted he had quite the crush on the ‘Boyfriend’ star.

“He’s good-looking and has an amazing complexion,” Chris said admiringly, going on to confess that the 18 year-old would just make him look bad.

But despite their reluctance to look “old” the band, who have worked with Kanye West and Jay Z before admitted they loved working with Rihanna and would collaborate with anyone who wanted to.

“Rihanna was top of our list of collaborators, and we’ve done that,” Chris admitted.

“She was lovely — she was cool. We’d work with anyone who wanted to work with us.”

We’d love to see a Bieber-Coldplay track! We don’t think they’d look like grandads, there is air brushing after all!

Coldplay Feat. Rihanna ‘Princess Of China’


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Coldplay Refuse Justin Bieber Collab? ‘He Is Too Handsome’