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August 28, 2012 – 2:22 pm | Views: 6218

Being a little too controlling?

As her new beloved beau, Kanye West can only want the best for his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, but in the latest Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s episode, we see the rapper really cross the line.

Kanye West Bullies Kim Kardashian Into Binning Her Clothes

Kimye and Bar Rafaeli head to dinner after Valentino show in Paris

In Sunday’s episode of the famed reality TV show aired in the US, West shows his controlling side when he issues a problem with his girlfriend’s garms, hating them so much that he offers to buy her a new rack of clothes if she throws her fave glad rags away.

Urging her to step away from the offending clothes, Kanye tries to deter Kim’s attention to her new stack of Kanye-approved get up, saying: ‘Look how dope this s**t is,’ as he ruffles through the new heap of potential fashion icon swag.

As Kim, 31, (who should have her own sense of style by now) tries on a plunging green dress, Kanye is seemingly pleased with the results and says: ”[You’re] getting on best dressed lists now,” he exclaims.

”You’re stepping into this territory. You look amazing – it’s a new Kim!”

If you want to change her so bad, then why are you going out with her, Kanye? But when men treat her in a questionable manner, Kim slips back into her forgiving ways and reckons it’s a ‘good’ thing that Kanye is making her push the fashion boundaries. Very nice choice of words for bullying, Kim.

We’ve seen Kim’s style change dramatically since she’s been dating Kanye, with her bright form-fitting dresses swapped for baggy monochrome trousers and LBD’s, she’s barely recognisable from the Kim we’re all familiar with.

What do you think of Kim’s new Kanye inspired look? Is it really that much better than how she used to dress?

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Kanye West Bullies Kim Kardashian Into Binning Her Clothes

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