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Phone a Crime Now!

There is this so called “Mean World Syndrome”, where people are instilled with the idea that the world is too harsh to deal with, but with all the negativities around we can say that we are not alone because we are rescued by the innovations in technology such as the internet and mobile services.  Such innovation fosters the atmosphere of connection among individuals, equipping them with the necessary tools to keep themselves and others crime01

US most unsafe country in the world

It is then true that the contents of the media attest to the fact that we are frightened to trust the world we live in. Not that all of us have lost faith in humanity, but we keep an extra space apart from those that we do not know. We keep ourselves alert whenever we are in places we are not familiar with and as much as we can, we ready ourselves in facing foreign situations. We live perhaps with some fears, but of course we keep ourselves together because this means self-protection.

According to the Maps of the World, United States tops the list of top ten countries with high rates of crime. U.S.A. is the most unsafe country with 11, 877,218 cases or reported crime. One of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States is aggravated assault. The United Kingdom follows U.S.A with 6,523,706. India is recorded to be the safest country with only 1,764,630 reported crimes.

Best way to go is to take precaution

Despite such reality, the people have devised means and ways to protect themselves. Basic personal protection would mean a lot really and can be taught in fact to youths:

  • Avoid talking to strangers. Choose who to talk to. When being asked by directions, as much as possible, try not to spend so much time explaining or conversing with the person especially if you do not know him or her.
  •  Keep a pepper spray inside your bag. This is the most basic weapon you can use especially when you are attacked by someone. However, use this carefully, be sure not to spray it to just anyone.
  • Be sure to know police, hospital, and fire department hotline numbers. It is essential to know these basic numbers because the essence of emergencies is that they happen without prior notice, so to aid the self and others, be informed.
  • Know basic first-aid treatment. Injuries or accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, it does not choose any person, so it is essential to know basic first-aid treatments.
  • Keep a friend close to you. It is always better to go out in groups or at least with a friend, especially to a place you do not know.

phone crime

These basic ways are necessary to protect yourself, but if worst comes to worse you can seek the assistance of authorities using your mobile device and the Internet. For instance, the RingCentral VoIP service enables you to call area codes across the US and sometimes for free. Today, you can keep yourself as well as others safe by reporting a crime or asking authorities to respond immediately to emergencies anytime and anywhere there’s Internet.

Today, there are already many communication providers available, and we use them every day as we converse. Thus, the level of crime, and the fatalities brought about by it, can be lessened through the responsible utilization of communication providers such as phones. These services are also utilized by the organizations or departments that respond to emergencies or crimes. It is then true that this kind of means for communication make it easier for them to respond quickly and gather enough information. With all being said, we can say here that the responsible use of the improvements in communication can save and protect many lives.

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Phone a Crime Now!