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Many people, especially graduates live with an ambition to have a career in teaching. Without any comparison, it can be said that teaching is considered to be the one of the most respectful jobs where a person gets to impart his knowledge and expertise with others and help them live a better life. Teaching can be categorized under various different headings and relief teaching is one of them. Relief teaching positions are one of the best ways to give your teaching career a quick boost. It gives you an advantage to stand out and make your teaching dreams come true. Let’s take a look at some pointers that will help you get relief teaching jobs quickly and effectively.



1. Look For Internships or Volunteer In Schools Before Taking Up The Position

It is advised to take up work in schools and institutes even before getting the degree. This way you will have the advantage of having real classroom experience along with your degree at the time of graduation. Most of the schools prefer hiring relief teachers who have a certain degree of classroom experience. If you aim at applying to valuable schools, then it should be noted that such schools prefer filling up the spot with experiences teachers to reduce the concern that a fresh graduate may not have the ability to handle the classroom full of restless students.

2. Begin Searching For Valuable Jobs From The Last Semester of Your Graduation Year

Most of the time, it may not be possible to get the relevant position immediately after graduation. So, the best approach would be to start doing your search beginning from the last semester. Most of the schools start looking for the right candidates 6-8 months prior to the next semester. Thus, the period between May-October is the best time to begin your search.

3. Know About Your Requirements and Preferences Before Short listing

It is important to spend some time to shortlist your preferences about the kind of school and position you are looking for. The decision should be made on the basis of the level of your personality and subject chosen. Narrowing down your preferences will help you find the right teaching job in less time.

4.Check With The HR Department or Offices Of The School

If you already have any school in mind, then you can always check about the vacancies with the HR department of the school. Most of the schools put vacancy notices on the employment bulletin. You should be active enough to grab the opportunity at the right time before any of your competitors do. Another option is to look out for placement agencies associated with the schools of your interests.

5. Networking Is The Key

In this era of social networking, it is important to maintain good contacts. You can join the community of the school on social networking sites or get in touch with the HR executives on Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. This is will help you get to know about the relief teaching vacancies before your contemporaries, and sometimes even before the administration itself. Follow these small, yet effective tips to get relief teaching jobs of your interests and in your preferable school. These tips will not only help you to find satisfactory jobs, but also let you grab the opportunities in the early stage.

Josie is a passionate blogger and works as a provider of relief teaching jobs in Australia. 

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