Things you should know when adopting a beagle

A beagle can be a high-energy yet gentle addition to your home. Discover the things you should know when adopting a beagle to prepare yourself.

Things you should know when adopting a beagle
Things you should know when adopting a beagle

Adopting a beagle can be a wonderful thing for your family. With their cute eyes, brown and white coats, and floppy ears, they can be stunning to look at and fun to play with. As you take the step of adding this new canine to your family, there are several things you should know when adopting a beagle so you can fully prepare for the experience.

Beagles Have Lots of Energy

One thing you should know about beagles is they have lots of energy. Their breed has roots in animal hunting, and they have a temperament that makes them want to play whenever they can. Sometimes, this can be a little much for some people to keep up with.

You will need to make sure you give your new furry friend lots of exercise, including long walks and more playtimes. If there are times when you and your family are unable to do that during the day, consider taking your pup to a doggy daycare provider so they can burn off some of that energy and be appropriately tired by the day’s end.

They Don’t Require a Lot of Space

If you or a family member is not partial to large dogs, then a beagle may be just what you are looking for. Usually, they range from 13 to 15 inches in size, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by their dimensions. However, they will make up for it when it comes to their personality.

They Like To Talk

Another thing you should know when adopting a beagle is that they like to make noise. Expect your beagle to bark or howl a lot. If your family enjoys an especially communicative dog, you may have found the perfect new member to join your clan.

Don’t Be Surprised When They Escape

You should also know that beagles are very good at escaping. Although your family probably plans to adjust your home when you adopt your beagle pup, you may have to invest in taller fences to keep them from roaming.

It’s also a good idea to watch them when you let them out in the backyard. They may smell scents that grab their attention and take them on quests, so keep a careful eye on them so that they don’t go digging underneath your fence.

They Are Very Gentle

Even though a beagle can be very energetic and even mischievous, they are one of the friendliest breeds of dogs you will ever encounter. Their friendliness will only help your new dog win over all your family members’ hearts.

They also get along well with other dogs, so if you feel like adopting another animal after you get your beagle, feel free to do so. Your beagle and any new additions to your family should get along just fine. With this knowledge, you will be ready when your four-legged friend comes home for the first time. Their energy, friendliness, short stature, and personality is sure to make them a good fit for your family.

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Things you should know when adopting a beagle

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