No job is too small to develop leadership skills

The path to a rewarding and challenging career is a long, winding road. Developing the skills you need to get 

Three Easy Gratitude Lessons

These acts can be incorporated immediately and will show appreciation for yourself and others. How often do you give thanks? 

How To Stay Married When You’re Cooped Up During A Storm From Hell

Admit it: You’re driving each other crazy. If you’re married and live on the East Coast, you may be questioning 

7 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult To Find Love Today

How many times have we heard of people complaining about love and how hard it is to find today. In 

Love lessons: Understanding personality types for a happier relationship

 You wake at day each morning and immediately jot down a list of the things to do before making yourself 

Jenner reveals new name Caitlyn, breaks Twitter record

Former Olympic athlete and reality TV star “Bruce Jenner”, who is transitioning to life as a woman, revealed her new 

Teen Vaping Triples: “E-Cigarettes”, Hookahs Threaten Drop in Teen Tobacco Use

Three times as many middle school and high school students used e-cigarettes in 2014 than in 2013, according to an 

Faith no more: how the British are losing their religion

The British have lost faith in religion much faster and more completely than they have lost faith in God. The 

Robert Schuller, Crystal Cathedral megachurch founder, dies

ARTESIA, Calif. (AP) — The Rev. Robert H. Schuller, a California televangelist and author who beamed his upbeat messages on 

Filipino devotees nailed to crosses in Good Friday rites

SAN PEDRO CUTUD, Philippines (AP) — Half a dozen Filipino devotees had themselves nailed to wooden crosses to mimic the 
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