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February 18, 2013 – 12:52 pm | Views: 1441
Top Five Habits That Are Ruining Your Appearance

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Here are a few common habits that are not only bad for you, but truly ruining your appearance. So whether you’re trying pick up that cute guy or girl at the coffee shop or trying to score more face time with the boss, here are a few habits you’re going to want to try and break.


If you haven’t already realized, cigarettes are deadly no matter how you cut it. They cause more long-term health hazards than we can keep track of. Among these hazards are lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Cigarette smoke alone contains tons of chemicals, toxins and carcinogens. Not only this, but the smoke that often pours across your face from either the exhale of a drag or from the cigarette itself can clog your pores. This can stain your skin several of unnatural looking colors and make it look incredibly unhealthy. Also, the internal damage of nicotine to your body can dry your skin and remove almost all moisture, discoloring your skin even further.

Tanning without Sun Screen

With all of the research and studies done about the various skin diseases and cancer you can receive from the sun’s UV rays, you’d think everyone would wear sunscreen, but they don’t. Most people don’t wear it because they believe that they’re the exception, and no one is the exception. It doesn’t matter if you never burn and only tan, the sun is still having an effect on your skin and doing all sorts of long term damage.

Drinking Too Much

Alcohol can hit you with both short-term and long-term effects from binge drinking. According to a study, binge drinking is defined by having five or more drinks in one night, but it’s also known to depend on your body type. The point is if you’re binge drinking, chances are you’re going to be hung-over the next morning. If you continue to binge drink, you’re going to gain weight, severely. Each drink is several calories especially if you’re drinking beer.


Hunching over for long periods of time can have terrible effects on your spine. The less you slouch, the more your muscles appear more defined and tight. Also, it’s proven that slouching is a huge turnoff for people. Hunching makes someone appear that they’re not confident in themselves.

Constantly Touching Your Face

After an average day, your hands make contact with more germ covered surfaces and handles than you’d like to think about. So why would some people touch their face?  We don’t know, but it’s a common habit. And during this nasty habit, you’re transferring a day’s worth of dirt, bacteria and grease on to your face, and this creates zits and infections on your face.

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Top Five Habits That Are Ruining Your Appearance

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