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Getting a job is a different story than receiving the visa for a job in the USA. If a person is not a U.S citizen then a lot of efforts have to be made to acquire a temporary work permit in the USA. The application of visa is a tedious process as the requirements are very specific and stringent. The embassies consider the applications of individuals willing to work abroad to enhance their credibility and experience and thus all a person need to do is follow the instructions they give very carefully. The belief has to be set to them that the purpose for going to U.S is only for work and the acceptance of the permit becomes more likely.

Acquiring the knowledge of the application process:

Before taking any step to the embassy, it is important that one familiarizes himself/herself with the entire application process of work visa. The information can be taken from their online website. Reviewing the application process indicates the length of time the process might take and lets the person know if he/she is qualified to get accepted in the Visa process. Also, it will help to know the documents that need to be assembled. Some documentation may require time and thus it is better to be prepared before time. For any forms or other instructions U.S Embassy can be contacted.

Meeting the U.S Embassy:

Discussing the application of the visa with the U.S Embassy is a crucial part. The appointments are not obtained easily so a date has to be scheduled as early as possible. To avoid wasting time one can simply ask the amount of fee that has to be paid for the visit and the form filling requirements. One should take all the documents which include a passport, NIC, completed application form, employer’s verification of the job with a clear statement of the duration of stay, signed document of paid the application fee, bank statements and any other documentation mentioned. The employer verification of the acceptance could be acquired from the job in the USA where one had applied and got the confirmation from. The U.S Embassy has the right to ask for any other documentation they require for evaluating the application.

Waiting time:

Once all the documentations have been submitted along with the application form and its fees, one has to wait for U.S Embassy to send them to the evaluating process. This takes a lot of time as they go through every detail of the documentation ensuring that a person is going for the right reasons that can be acquisition of USA internships or jobs. To make it easier, the best way to shorten the length of time they take for the visa process, a person should provide all the proof he/she can to make them believe that all the documents are genuine and the reasons are exactly what has been mentioned. The application process for the U.S embassy is all about ensuring that the given information is true and fair. If they accept the application, the visa is granted.

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