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Cool and Funky Nail Art Designs To Try


Nails have become crucial fashion accessories of women. Nail art has taken different and wide transformations indicating its growing fad in accordance to the demand in the fashion industry. Before, the nail polish colors were limited to red, brown and maroon but now things have drastically changed.

Nail Art designs
Nail Art Designs

Juts naming one tone and there will be a wide array of choices with regards to color hues.  Fashion world is going gaga beyond imagination.

Here are some of the best and head-turning nail art designs that hot hit the fashion world by storm:

Nail stickers

Nail stickers is the up-to-the-minute fad in nail decoration. These are purchasable everywhere in the market and are on hand in different styles and designs. These come in the shape of nails and can be easily stuck without any problem. Some of the well-loved and most favorite designs are the water marbles, falling leaves, flowers, geometrical pattern, snowflakes, abstract designs and shapes. The feel and look of these stickers are very fashionable.

Hand-Painted Artwork

This is a lovely choice for women who are spiritedabout their nails. It gives them a completely different look, experience and grace to the nails. There are expert nail designs for the purpose and they make dramatic and stylistic designs with their hands. The most common design of this nail art design is the floral design and landscape. Adding glitter to your nails add more allure and glamor to the appearance.

Textured Designs

Textured designs are also wonderful with creative style ideas and its one-of-a-kind feeling. Texture simply means the feel of a surface and nails can be styled innovatively with lots of designs giving adifferent sensation. Some of the experts give a feel by mixing two nail paints and then casually spreading it through nails, some try giving a curl impact by using a toothpick. Other good options for this are using small blob, safety pin, or brushes to add texture to polished nails. It’s great and wonderful to try fantasticselections of styles in texturing nails.

Airbrushed Nail Art

It is a peculiar and cool nail art that flaunts soft and beautiful appearance to the nails. It adds to the charm and class of overall personality. The technique simply makes use of sprays or airbrush machines. A stencil is placed on the nail and then making use the airbrush machine nail polish is sprayed over the nails. It can further be embellished by decorative accessories such as decals and piercing. There are a wide collection of playful designs one can create using this style. You can try OPI nail polish for more funky effects.


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Cool and Funky Nail Art Designs To Try