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Whenever throwing a party for whatever reason, there are some things to keep in mind. Depending upon where you live, and no matter what kind of party you are planning, remember to always check with your local police department for rules and regulations and of course your neighbors.

Essentials For A Noisy Party

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Most neighbors do appreciate it when you notify them ahead of time of the event you are planning to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.


If you want to display music at your party, one of the main things you will need is a stereo. If you have more people over than your stereo can handle, the music won’t be heard.

However, if you are equipped with a stereo, your friends and other guests will be able to sing along and dance to the music! If you don’t own a stereo that will handle the predicted amount of people, ask a friend to bring one for the night.


Fireworks are a lot of peoples favorite. Wait till its dark so your guests can see the fabulous show. Again, depending upon where you live, you might want to check with your local police department and even some of your neighbors ahead of time to see what the rules and regulations are for having your own fireworks show.


People are loud, thus the more the merrier. However, as your guests can only make so much noise and maybe even none at all, consider adding some background music for those that might like to dance. Karaoke is another great way to get the party going for those that don’t like to dance.

Give the atmosphere the look of a club or disco with some flashing colored lights or black lights on the patio. You can even hang a glittery disco ball in the center of the room or patio.

There Are City Curfews

There is a curfew for noisy parties. If you are celebrating at a house, try tuning it down at the specific curfew, just so you don’t get any angry neighbors or law enforcement crashing the party. Some cities even have enforceable noise codes that might not be very flexible. To get the most out of your party and not have it stopped early, start early!

The earlier you start, the longer you get to enjoy a great time before the curfew hour roles along.

Things to Keep In Mind

Be considerate of your neighbors. Tell them that you are having a party, and even ask them if they would like to come along for the evening. Relationships between neighbors aren’t what they used to be, but your party can be a great chance to get to know them. If your friends bring an illegal substance and your neighbors call the police due to the high noise volume, trouble and problems can arise.

Of course, you might want to make sure that your friends aren’t bringing drugs or anything else into your house anyway, irrespective of whether there is a chance of the police turning up at your party.

Stuart Green is a CPA, however, he also works part time from home. He has a very large family. When they all get together, Stuart is the parties host. Any time he has a party, he is always prepared to buy fireworks online to finish off the day or night strong. Stuart has juggled life, family, and work and one day hopes to have his own kids.

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Essentials For A Noisy Party

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