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Should Kim Kardashian return her wedding gifts? Expert weighs in

Kim Kardashian is offering up some answers to guests about her August wedding to Kris Humphries — specifically regarding the fate of the luxurious gifts folks gave the couple.

Kim Kardashian

In a printed note, Kardashian informed her friends, family and the odd magazine editor that “it has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation.”

The Dream Foundation works toward wish fulfillment for adults battling terminal illness. Kim valued the gifts at around $100,000, according to TMZ, and allegedly cut the foundation a check for twice that amount. Humphries commends her for the gesture, the website said, but thinks the lot of loot should be returned to the givers.

To review: Kim donates twice the value of her wedding gifts to charity and still gets to enjoy that gravy boat. Kris wants the goods back in the hands of guests. Clearly this a question for Emily Post.

“It’s a sticky, messy thing,” said Anna Post, great-great-granddaughter of etiquette queen Emily. “I think people want to make it tidy and put it in a box, but that’s not possible.”

So what’s a reality star to do?

“While I fully appreciate the sentiment of giving to charity, it’s a good idea to return the gift. It’s more about a personal exchange, returning that gift and coming full circle with your guests. That note … doesn’t gratify what could be an uncomfortable situation,” Post said.

And the mass-produced note is a no-no too.

“Notes should be handwritten, not a blast note with an auto signature at the bottom. They should be written to guests when you return the gift. These are people who care deeply about you, and took time and money to celebrate you.”

So Humphries wins the war of manners, but it’s not all bad news for Kim.

“It’s not a punishment, it’s not as though someone’s saying, ‘Your marriage didn’t work so now you have to do all this work.’ For Kim, it’s about the respect of each and everyone on of those individual, personal relationships,” said Post.

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Should Kim Kardashian return her wedding gifts? Expert weighs in