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May 28, 2013 – 10:52 am | Views: 450
Top Three Beach Wedding Hairpiece Ideas

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Beach weddings came into fashion more than a decade ago, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. They are among the most popular summer wedding venues as well as destination wedding choices. With a beach wedding comes beach bridal accessories, and this includes the wedding hairpiece, if you decide to wear one at all. Not all hair accessories are appropriate or practical for the beach, as you must consider the wind factor as well as your hairstyle. You need to choose same that will stay in your hair securely yet still look beautiful. There are thrassee main bridal headpieces that can absolutely work for the beach. Below is a quick rundown on what you might want to consider.

Headband: Whether you are wearing your hair up or down for your beach wedding, a headband is always a lovely and smart choice. It sits flat to the head for security, and most come with fasteners. Headbands are also great in that they look good with short or long hair, and are awesome for keeping the hair out of your face. You can choose a wide headband or a simple thin one. There are so many styles from which to choose, including fabric headbands and metal headbands. Just make sure it compliments your wedding dress.

Hair pins: Hair pins for a beach wedding have really become all the rage over the past few years. However, remember that if you really want to go this way, you will need for your hair to be up for the big day. In the wind, if your hair is down, a hair pin won’t have anything to latch onto. The great thing about hairpins is that you can wear a few or a bunch depending on their size and your taste. Again, the abundance of styles is something you will need to match with your look, but the most popular include freshwater pearl pins and shell pins. Simple rhinestones can also really capture the sunlight well.

Bridal comb: A bridal comb is such a practical beach wedding choice in that it is a statement piece that can really be secured to the hair well. Another benefit of the comb is that you can wear it with your hair up or down and it will still stay in place in the wind. It is best to go with a medium-sized or smaller hair comb due to the weight. If you see a very large one, think about how it may bog down your hairstyle in outdoor conditions. And as with the rest, the choices are many, as far as styles go. So have fun and find the right comb for you.

Keep in mind that beaches are typically windy, so you want to make sure your hair piece or adornment stays where it belongs, on your head of course. If you are worried that your hair piece may not make it throughout the day, be sure to do some quick research online to see if there is a way to better secure your adornment to your hair.

I’m Lisa and I spend my free time writing about women’s issues, such as wedding shopping, like where to find cheap hair adornments, where to go for discount designer wedding gowns, and how to sign up for a bridal registry.

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Top Three Beach Wedding Hairpiece Ideas

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