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Kaftans are among 2013’s trendiest fashion wear. Most designers have included kaftans in their collection this season and there are a lot of great options to choose from. Kaftans are great because of their versatility; they go well with various different situations from casual to more festive occasions.

Kaftans also suit different body shapes very well and thus are a great piece of clothing to have. Here are the top trends of this year that can give you a fresh and trendy look.

Billowing Sleeves

Kaftans in 2013 have big billowing sleeves. This is a must-have kaftan trend this year and gives you a lot of options for use. You can wear a long-sleeve shirt underneath to make sure that you are appropriately covered. Billowing and butterfly sleeves don’t suit everyone, so try out before purchasing this type of kaftan.

Full-Length Kaftans

There have been a lot of different length kaftans in the past few years but 2013 is all about going full-length. These create a more dramatic look and are a great option for party dresses. Full-length kaftans work best if you are tall. For shorter women it is best to go for below knee-length instead of full-length.

This means that you don’t end up looking even shorter then you are and adds a bit more length to your appearance.

Simple Colors

The color trends in kaftans this season are quite simple. This season is all about matching more bright colored accessories with a single and neutral colored kaftan. For instance navy blue and dark green kaftans are really trendy at the moment. White is still a favorite color and is often the best choice for casual look.

If you are wearing a kaftan to a more festive occasion then you should get something brighter such as violet or orange for instance. Gold kaftans are another great option for a more festive occasion this year.

If you are using a kaftan with patterns then you should not mix it with too many accessories.

In patterns geometric shapes are trending right now. Simplicity and versatility are key things in choosing a kaftan this season.

Pearl Kaftans

One of the best trends in 2013 is a pearl kaftan. This means that pearls are often incorporated into the kaftan either in the form of a belt or just as a design. This is especially great look for more official settings such as parties or work lunches for instance.

There are a variety of color options available as well to provide you with a lot of freedom to play with this style. You can of course add your own pearl accessories to go with a single color kaftan. For example adding a pearl belt to your kaftan is a really great option and creates a polished and fresh look.

You can look at Aab Collection’s kaftan dresses for instance and include this great and versatile clothing to your wardrobe. This season has variety of great options and thus by picking one of the above trends you are sure to have a great fresh look this year.

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Aisha Malik is a fashion enthusiast who writes about Islamic fashion trends.

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Top Kaftan Trends For 2013

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