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August 16, 2012 – 7:05 pm | Views: 4702

Luckily for her, Kanye West is probably so preoccupied with checking out her bikini (and everything in the bikini) that he hasn’t noticed yet

Kim Kardashian is too busy showing off her beach body to divorce Kris Humphries (works for us)

Kim and Kanye are too busy being in love to worry about the fact that she’s still legally tied to another man

Yesterday was meant to be D-Day for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. By which we mean “divorce day”. We’re not implying that they’re into historical battle reenactments. Although that would be amazing.

Unfortunately, it all went a little bit pear-shaped. And nothing was resolved. Meaning that Kim and Kris are still bound in Holy Matrimony. And Kanye West is left with nothing to do except write bitter raps about it.

However, speaking of pear shapes, Kim seems to have realised that things can’t be all that easy for her current boyfriend so, to make it up to him, she’s decided to stop wearing clothes. Which probably numbs the pain a tad.

To be fair to Kim, she isn’t entirely naked in these new photos. In fact, we’ve seen her a lot more naked in the past – those are the biggest pair of bikini bottoms that we’ve ever seen. They’re even bigger than this celebrity’s knickers.

Kim is currently on holiday with Kanye in Hawaii, where they’re wandering around in Honolulu, going to luaus, saying “aloha” and probably playing vowel-dominated games of Scrabble.

In amongst all of that, Kim’s also managed to find an internet connection, so that she can tweet pictures of her massive pants. And also be a bit profound:

“Dig deep within your soul to recover the person you once were before you became the person someone else wanted,” she wrote yesterday.

So we’re going to go and do that now. Or just watch the first episode of the X Factor at the official launch.

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Kim Kardashian is too busy showing off her beach body to divorce Kris Humphries (works for us)

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