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How To Travel In Luxury Without Having To Overspend

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If you’ve always dreamed of living and traveling in luxury yet you couldn’t afford it yet, you should know that this is possible. You do not need to be a renowned celebrity or part of the royal family to be pampered and to feel like a king or queen during the trip – all you need is to pay attention to the following tips that will allow you to do so:

1. Enjoy More For Less

The first thing you need to do is to set up a budget: put some money aside for food, some for accommodation and transportation and the rest of it for entertainment. However, remember that traveling in luxury on a budget involves sacrifices – if you feel like pampering yourself in a 5-star hotel, then you might need to give up all the expensive shopping trips.

On the other hand, if you plan to spend money on souvenirs and gadgets, then a 4-star hotel should suffice. Also, get discounts: Avios can help you lower the price of your flight ticket and accommodation. Talking about accommodation, the best way to travel like a very important person without overspending is to rent a villa with some of your friends – this is a cost-effective way to feel like a king when you are on holiday!

2. All-Inclusive Holidays

If you want to have a taste of luxury without spending a small fortune, then pre-packaged holidays are certainly the best choice. You can opt for holidays on islands, various sky resorts or even for a cruise. As a matter of fact, a cruise is the most widely chosen type of holiday for those who want to feel like a VIP when they’re on holiday. Basically, packaged holidays mean that all your meals and drinks are covered, so you will only need money for entertainment.

3. Opt For Allocated Seats

Airplanes are designed to crowd people into small seats – their purpose is to carry as many people as possible, not to carry a small number of people who can relax in the plane (talking about the regular cruises now, not about the private ones!). This is why getting an allocated seat is the best choice if you want to enjoy your flight and sit comfortably – this is highly recommended if there’s a long trip ahead of you!

4. Make The Best Out Of Your Holiday

Are you celebrating your birthday or perhaps your honeymoon when you are on holiday? Perfect! Let the hotel manager know that and they might actually give you an upgrade – why not enjoy the luxury suite if you can? Besides, you have nothing to lose if you give it a try, not to mention that most hotel managers will do everything in their power to impress you, so that you will return to that hotel in the future. Getting a royal treatment has never been easier!

5. Rewards Schemes Always Come In Handy

Last, but not least, some accommodation options, airlines and other holiday-oriented companies may offer a rewards program that allows you to save some money if you are a frequent customer, so why not make good use of that? You will not only pay less, but you will enjoy priority boarding and convenient seating deals as well!

Joe is a passionate blogger and works for a travel agency specialising in VIP tours.

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How To Travel In Luxury Without Having To Overspend

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