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November 13, 2013 – 6:16 am | Views: 1382

It’s the online romance from hell.

A Manhattan architect has filed a $1.25 million defamation lawsuit against his ex-lover for trashing his reputation by making Web posts claiming he is a sex addict with a tiny STD-infested weiner who sleeps with anything that moves, according to court papers.

Online Romance, Photo: Shutterstock

Online Romance, Photo: Shutterstock

John B. Wender, 53, who is a principal at Bartolone Wender Architects located at 350 Seventh Ave., says he met Louise Silberling over the Internet in March 2011.

They saw each other in person only three times and broke up in March 2012, the Manhattanville resident says in his Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

That month, Silberling, 50, who is an editorial associate at Cornell University’s Sage School of Philosophy, unleashed her wrath on Wender in a three-page diatribe posted on her Facebook page, according to a screenshot of the ranting attached as an exhibit to the suit.

Silberling wrote that Wender was very charming at first — but that he quickly started cheating on her. She also called Wender a sociopath and a player whose lady friend  ‘pimps him out’ to other women.

Searching Wender’s name on Google returns more than a dozen hits on scathing blogs, on the social-networking site Tumblr, on professional review sites, and at the site LiarsCheatersRUs.com, all allegedly authored by Silberling.

The various postings accuse the Manhattan professional of having a seedy BDSM lifestyle, and of having sexual proclivities including daddy/daughter scenarios . . . over-the-knee role playing . . . rape play . . . forced orgasm, spanking, whipping, paddling, flogging, gagging, strap-on-play, wax play, and auto-erotic asphyxia and strangulation, according to court papers.

Silberling even allegedly posted fake reviews on professional Web sites, attacking her ex’s architectural work with such critiques as, “Every word that comes out of John Wender’s ugly mouth is a lie.

Wender’s ex-wife and disabled son also did not escape attack, according to the suit. Silberling allegedly created blogs in their names with their photos attached — calling the wife a witch and the 13-year-old son retard [and] ugly.

All told, 32 Web postings are attached as exhibits to the Manhattan civil suit.

When The Post contacted Silberling her first reaction was simply, Hmmmmm.

She then said that she had not been served the lawsuit.

He’s misinformed, she said, calling the accusations bogus.

Her attorney, Scott Miller, said his client authored the initial Facebook post but did not write any of the other comments.

Wender and his attorney declined to comment.

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When online romance goes bad

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